Full Manufacturing Capabilities

Sentaiyuan, the leading provider of Konjac food products, offers a comprehensive and innovative line of full konjac product services.


Customized konjac Product

We offer the highest quality konjac products and packaging. Our team is dedicated to customizing products to meet your unique needs and preferences.


One-stop service

We offer a one-stop service that includes everything from top-notch product packaging design to expert advice on marketing and branding strategies.

SINCE 1985

Sentaiyuan – Asia’s largest konjac product factory. Sentaiyuan provides konjac product production, konjac pasta, konjac rice, konjac ramen, konjac salad, konjac gum and konjac powder, etc.

The 30+ research and development team. Everyone is a national-level Konjac food R&D scientist.

Independent cultivation of Sentai konjac seeds No. 1-8, there are more than 20 new products launched every year. With 8 automated production lines, the annual production capacity reaches 3000 containers.

We can provide different specifications of Konjac products, including dry Konjac noodles, wet Konjac noodles, dry Konjac rice, wet Konjac rice, organic Konjac noodles, etc.

If you need customized Konjac product services, please choose Sentaiyuan as your manufacturer!

What are our advantages

Top R&D Team

We created the R&D team together with the professor specializing in konjac research from Southwest University of China, which is the only university in China that specializes in konjac research.

Geographic location advantage

The planting base is located in the Jinsha River basin, due to the altitude and wet climate suitable for konjac growth, is the world's best konjac varieties (white konjac) of the only place of origin.

Industry leader

The only national agricultural leading enterprise in the same industry. Own organic base and conventional planting base. The only one in the industry with a whole industry chain from planting, raw materials, and products.

Production capacity advantage

Fully automatic production equipment, from feeding to packaging all automated, annual production capacity of 3000 + containers, the first in the industry.

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DISCOVER a healthier diet with konjac

If you are looking for a reliable konjac supplier & manufacturer to expand your business territory, Sentaiyuan is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our customized Konjac food services and how we can help you grow your business.

R & D Center

Sentaiyuan has more than 30 senior R&D experts, and the R&D team has cooperated with Southwest University for many years. Southwest University is a first-class educational institution globally recognized for its dedicated konjac research center. Sentaiyuan can develop more than ten new products every year.


Recent Konjac Products

Sentaiyuan has 5 new instant Konjac noodles, Konjac pasta, and Konjac dietary fiber.

Sentaiyuan factory assembly line
Sentaiyuan factory assembly line
Sentaiyuan factory assembly line
Sentaiyuan factory assembly line
Sentaiyuan factory
Sentaiyuan factory assembly line

Konjac Factory

Sentaiyuan Konjac factory has 8 automated production lines with an annual production capacity of 3,000 containers.
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