Mango flavor konjac glucomannan dietary fiber sugar free

Mango flavor konjac glucomannan powder application: 1. Konjac in Food Production. 2. Konjac in Beverage. 3. Konjac in Pharmaceutical. 4. Konjac in Cosmetics. 5. Konjac in Agriculture/Animal Feed. 6. Konjac in Other Industries.

Mango flavor konjac glucomannan description

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre that is derived from konjac root (Amorphophallus Konjac). It can actually absorb and hold water up to 100 times its own weight! Like other forms of dietary fibre, glucomannan helps to maintain normal bowel /colonic function and regulate transit time, as well as promote intestinal regularity and healthy digestive function. This bulk-forming action also has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and helps to maintain and improve blood glucose control, and so reduces sugar cravings, making it also very useful for diabetics. By expanding in the stomach, glucomannan might be useful for people trying to lose weight, by helping to reduce appetite as it provides a feeling of fullness.

Konjac Features:
-gluten free
-low calorie
-low carb
-no fat
-rich dietary fiber

Konjac Advantages:
1. Helps regulate blood sugar levels seen in Type 2 DiabetesHelps regulate blood sugar levels seen in Type 2 Diabetes
2. Full of dietary fibre, stimulates the intestines and helps to excrete harmful toxin from the body
3. Lower your Cholesterol
4. Great for your Heart and Brain…

Konjac Glucomannan Powder Application:

1. Konjac in Food Production

2. Konjac in Beverage

3. Konjac in Pharmaceutical

4. Konjac in Cosmetics

5. Konjac in Agriculture/Animal Feed

6. Konjac in Other Industries

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